Monday, June 27, 2016

Safari Birthday Party

I'll admit it, I like parties.
I like planning, setting up, decorating, buying gifts, giving gifts, and if there's dress-up involved even better!
Since our boys are all born in the Summer and two of them in the same week we've done combination parties for them so far. 

The first year we did a Goldfish Themed Party
The second year we did an Aviation Party
The third year was the famous Indian Party

And the fourth year we did a safari party!

When planning these parties I start by picking the theme then seeing what's been done already on Pinterest.
I'm first excited because so far the themes I've picked haven't been overdone yet, but then I'm sad because I have to come up with all the ideas myself.
For our safari party I was trying to keep things small and not too crazy. We would be out of town at my parent's house and I didn't feel like hauling decorations all over.
I gave my husband the job of putting together our serving table, of course he went above and beyond and it looked amazing.
He drilled pallets to an old picnic table and then we had some packaging material that went well. 
I was really trying to go for a more classy safari look so I kept the colors tamer (no pun intended) and try to use more realistic decor.
I got a mosquito bed canopy at a yard sale.
We borrowed some pewter pitchers.
I had the hardest time tracking down pith helmets! Every store was out of them that week, Eventually a friend found some for me.
I got dollar store animals and painted them gold.

I hope you enjoy looking at our little party and don't' get too creeped out with our edible snake and elephant chips. 

 photo safari-party-92_zpsg30og2gi.jpg  photo safari-party-82_zpsna1zgqsn.jpg  photo safari-party-95_zpsahwb1tqr.jpg  photo safari-party-136_zpsw3ws9ugs.jpg  photo safari-party-141_zpsbyeqlwpi.jpg  photo safari-party-99_zpslb2rtyy7.jpg  photo safari-party-46_zps6grs4ybq.jpg  photo safari-party-39_zpsx7ad0ha4.jpg  photo safari-party-4_zpsxihglwaf.jpg  photo safari-party-25_zpsaphom8up.jpg  photo safari-party-1_zpsjlwqgkal.jpg  photo safari-party-76_zpsyucystrm.jpg  photo safari-party-16_zpsxlxkrliv.jpg  photo safari-party-147_zpseho2h4im.jpg  photo safari-party-101_zpsy08kpc6k.jpg  photo safari-party-96_zps3pvjxtqi.jpg  photo safari-party-88_zpsmlbuw50h.jpg  photo safari-party-79_zpsxttota3g.jpg  photo safari-party-29_zpsmrwvixir.jpg  photo safari-party-100_zpsibdcuszs.jpg  photo safari-party-72_zps4mpyvezu.jpg

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  1. I'm such a fan of your party-throwing skills. :) Loving these detail shots and the creative themed foods. (And those safari hats. Serious cuteness going on.) And gracias for not tossing in some live snakes into these pictures, haha.:)