Monday, September 11, 2017

John and Michael : Neverland Shoot

So growing up if you asked me what my favorite "Disney princess" movies were I would have probably said Robinhood and Peter Pan. I was a tomboy and never really got into any of the Disney princesses, but pirates, Indians, dashing-heroic-foxes, I could get into that! Well, now that I'm a mom and have four little boys there is no lack of pirates, Indians, and imagination around here.
One day I realized two of my kids had some of the same characteristics of the brothers John and Michael from Peter Pan and ever since then I've been planning this shoot. I figured during maternity leave would be a perfect time to get it done.
Every year I have a new baby I have to say no to many wedding inquiries, especially since so far I keep having kids right in the dead center of wedding season. I love shooting, and although I'm happy for a break to slow down and snuggle a new baby it is hard for me to not be shooting, so I try to schedule a few shoots that are low pressure and just for fun or for learning.
Well this shoot was just for the pure fun of it. I hope it's a favorite memory for the boys when they think back on their childhood. I give you John and Michael Darling.

 photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3630_zpsc7ljp1vv.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3664_zpsy7okiqxj.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3614_zpshwnku01w.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3687_zpsf9nqyshe.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3641_zpsjqzprggr.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3640_zpsmirarq6a.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3589_zpszskzcnod.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3660_zps3cz59er7.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3592_zpshoypjjqn.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3701_zpsbau978m2.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3718_zpswdlgorah.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3654_zpspkqrisad.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-3692_zpsjscgwbpl.jpg  photo the-little-intern-john-and-michael-_zps3zgp6jii.jpg

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Three Musketeer's Birthday Party

(Sorry, everyone. Guess I forgot to post this six months ago ;p)

I gotta admit I'm pretty in love with this year's birthday party theme. There are three little boys how could I not use The Three Musketeers idea this year.
And once again our families humored us and dressed up to help set the mood. I got black cowboy hats from various places, pinned the side back and put a large feather from the craft store in. The boys had white collared shirts, and I used a fabric remnant to sew the blue cape thingys. They are far from perfect but I ran out of perfectionism half way through. Party City actually had the plastic swords for $2 and there were only three left so that was cool.
I had a bunch of activities planned for outside like a photoshoot, and manly tests of strengthen and agility but it decided to rain pretty much the entire day. Everyone made the best of being crammed into a small house and it was a bunch of fun.
I picked food that I thought went well the theme but would also be acceptable for kids. No escargot this time. It was fun to try and remember back to what I experienced when I was over in France.

We had:
French bread
French lemonade (whatever that is)
An assortment of cheese and crackers
A veggie tray
Strawberry shortcake, tarts, and macarons
And of course lots of 3 Musketeer chocolate bars

The guys competed in a fencing competition that was quite entertaining I must say.

 photo musketeer-party-6806FIXED_zpsfrkbhlyx.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6955_zpsug1hwvec.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6939_zpsntoidwbs.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6839_zpsiu4l9yao.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6738_zps5wyeyrz9.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6753_zpsbv786brv.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6756_zpse5pmzoju.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6751_zpstbnuyvnk.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6748_zps2bfcqa9y.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6741_zpsy8q93x6d.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6731_zpswgewepka.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6722_zpsdycbcawu.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6710_zpsybccqdhg.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6669_zpsubfquyif.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6641_zpsf2vlrlj6.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6675_zpsjyauat7g.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6604_zpsv5njnjps.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6940_zpscgfafrqf.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6932_zpsaimo8gh1.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6905_zpspwtjp6tm.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6873_zpsgy24r8ze.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6733_zps1mnlw05z.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6735_zpsvx6ni7g3.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6736_zpslf9hw7kz.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6765_zps6mygiuqg.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6706_zps8fzj1ech.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6701_zps3oigflgr.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6692_zpski4bkud7.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6559_zpslcqz9srb.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6500_zpsj0iafsex.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6454_zpskyzvuait.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6555_zpsb9df8bbd.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6475_zpsiudsm74d.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6613_zps6r9kmvgw.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6927_zpsmnttjsrb.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6871_zpsn3oknrql.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6830_zpsrv9s3kza.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6593_zpsr1fcaqdb.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6505_zps54foqpfa.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6522_zpsw0jbmq3x.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6543_zpsw2vihdkg.jpg  photo musketeer-party-6850 OFFICIAL_zpsbq7xt8n4.jpg