Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Nap

Life has been crazy this last month! I've been doing tons of traveling and wedding shooting, so this blog has taken a backseat for awhile. Wanted to let you know we're still alive though. And apparently Evin is a little tired from all the action.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter '14

Had a lovely Easter with our family this year. The weather was amazing! (Dare I say almost too hot?)
I'm not complaining about heat after that winter though!
Christmas is so special because Jesus came to earth to save us. But what if He had sinned during His life? What if  He decided the cross and all the suffering just wasn't something He was willing to go though? What if He didn't rise from the dead? I feel hopeless thinking about it.
But He didn't sin, He was perfect, even though He was tempted in all the ways were are. He was the only one qualified to take our sins upon Him. He was willing to die for us! He went through an unbelievable and indescribable amount of pain for us. And He rose again! Yes, Easter is a most beautiful holiday.

Can I just say it's near to impossible to take family pictures with a two year old boy!
And equally impossible to keep shoes on a 8 month old.
We love 'em though.

   photo spring-evangeline-renee-0905_zpsbbf99056.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0919_zps5715439e.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0801_zps9322dc33.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0952_zpsab1f6e28.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1044_zps55abb305.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0798_zps1e9e9ff2.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0988_zps69a43356.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0804_zps852f2b9c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0968_zps93c1503a.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0890_zpsc6fdd1c1.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0950_zps82592fd0.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0923_zps895e2946.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0936_zps061904ac.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0812_zpsd9778628.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0915_zps203e6df6.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1054_zpsa8f02e6c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1034_zps188df77b.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0987_zps27ff82f7.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0813_zps953b3e2c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0884_zpsf278ee87.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0955_zpsae6d2beb.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0883_zpse6bcacaa.jpg

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Love Story : Part 5

 Part 5

I had finally got to the highly anticipated 'meeting Tim day'. As I drove up to the Fourth of July party at my friend Leah's house, my heart was racing and every inch of me was completely nervous. We pulled into the driveway and here he was, standing right in front of the car, talking. Oh no, he was already talking to my mom! What was she saying, ah! As I was getting out of the car I told myself that if this guy wanted to meet me he was going to have to initiate it. I wasn't afraid to talk to guys, but in this situation I wanted to look back and say that he had started everything, and I wasn't manipulating how things played out.

I got out and just started right in on enjoying the party. Leah (the instigator) was so busy that day. She was in a relationship herself and her guy was in town, she was trying to make sure this party ran smoothly, and she had to cater a wedding the next day. So she was so busy running around trying to get everything done that she kinda forgot to properly introduce Tim and me. Forget 'properly', we didn't get introduced at all.
I played volleyball across the net from him, I talked to his family, he talked to my family.
I really couldn't tell if his family knew 'what was going on', but they all seemed really happy to see me and I thought they were being extra friendly. During the afternoon a couple of us decided it would be fun to take some pictures. I got my big camera out and I turn around to see Tim with his big camera and all his 'cool lighting gear'. I thought it was little over the top, but I was pretty sure he was just trying to impress me. Everyone decided they wanted a big group picture, so I stood there and soon the whole Porter family gathered around me. I thought it would look a little weird in the picture so I got out to 'help frame' the shot and then got back in over on the side of the group.
But by the end of the night Tim and I still hadn't spoken to each other. Remember I said I wasn't going to start anything? Well so far I hadn't. If he was going to make a move he'd better do it. It was going on midnight.

The initial plan was for my mom, sisters and me to stay at Leah's house that night and go to church with her in the morning. But last minute Leah had to drive up to Chicago for a wedding the next day. The only ones left at her house were going to be her brother and dad, and it would have worked but it was slightly awkward and the party didn't seem like it was going to end anytime soon. I saw my mom talking with Tim's mom. They joined me in on the conversation. The Porters had invited us to stay the night at their house so we didn't have to drive the four hours back home. They were going to let us stay and show us the way to get to church in the morning. We all thought it was very sweet of them. Mom looked at me and said quietly, “do you think we should stay with them?” I didn't know what to say. It could be really awkward, but then again, maybe Tim hadn't told them anything about what was 'going on' and they were just trying to be nice. I sure didn't want to drive through the night back home, so we thanked them for the offer and accepted it. The living room was filled with guitars, and everyone was having a good 'ol jam session. I was very aware Tim was sitting right across the room from me. Finally we were making our way to the door when he jumps out of his chair walks quickly to my side of the room, sticks out his hand and says. “Hi, I'm Tim. I think I've met everyone in your family except you.”

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hipster Date Night

Sometimes we pretend we're hipsters and we go on dates.
I wouldn't say my style is hipster. Although I'm attracted to it in many ways. Tim always manages to look a little hipster though. This date night I decided to wear a hipster hat to see if I could pull it off. I never wear hats because I think they look dumb on me. Except one day while at an antique shop I discovered that I can wear pillbox hats, for some reason I can pull those off. And when would I wear one of those? Almost never. If they come back in style, look out world! So yeah, I don't really wear hats. But I couldn't resist trying out this style. So here's me in rare form wearing a hat.

Can't say enough how much I think dates nights are important when you're married.
So if you're busy and don't have time, do them.
If you don't have money to do something big, do something small.
If you don't have a babysitter, get the kids to sleep in the backseats and eat takeout in the front seats.
Make it happen.

And no, we don't love to take pictures of ourselves. But we do love to take pictures of people and since we're the only people we invite on our dates...yeah.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

He Loves the Snow

Like the title of this post states, Evin does love the snow. I'm trying to tell him how awesome Spring will be, but he keeps hoping to wake up to snow. This day Scotty and I were sitting just inside the door as our adventurer was having fun right outside.

I've been collecting funny quotes from Evin, thought you might want to hear some of them...

Upon trying his first hotdog. - (organic mind you) "Evin me want a hotdog, me a guy."

Not sure where he got this from!? My husband doesn't grill in winter, and he's never had a hotdog before this. - "I want a hotdog on the fire, me a man, me Evin."

After falling down trying to walk over something - "Oh shoot, this is not working."

After walking into the kitchen upon waking. - "Me want a banana, I really like this morning time."

Conversation about taking a nap:
Me: Let's take a nap now.
Evin: How bout we watch a movie!
Me: No
Evin: Come on! It'll be fun!

"I'm getting so busy!"

While looking for me in the house. - "Buddy where are you?" (melt)

Tasting turkey for the first time. - "This tastes glorious!" (Where in the world?!  Must be spending too much time with his eloquent Aunt!)

Telling his brother about wearing underwear for the first time. - "Oh man this is great!"

"In the beginning God created trees....and grandma Porter"

Yep, keeps me laughing, and it's only going to get better! I can't wait!!

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