Monday, August 19, 2013

Vintage Airplane Birthday Party

My little intern is two! These last few years have been the most challenging and happy of my existence and I'm so grateful for my little man. I've had to go through the most pain I've ever felt (birth), and I've had to give up and surrender the most, but just one day with my little son makes it all worth it. And so far I've gotten 738 with him. As soon as his first birthday was over I started planning his second because I'm addicted to party planning. I decided on 'vintage airplane' and just collected over the year. And of course we had to eat wings, peanuts and pretzels. And how do you like my oh so geographically correct globe cookies?
I'm sure he'll have plenty of his own ideas next year so we'll see how much I actually get to contribute, but for now I'm the party planner and it's fun. I didn't get to finish or do everything I had in my mind, but I'm still happy with how it turned out. We didn't invite lots of people this time because I fully intended to cancel the party due to giving birth or having a newborn, and I was still half expecting to go into labor during the party.
But baby didn't come till a few days later. (next post will be all about him.)
Happy Birthday, Evin! Mommy loves you! You da man!
p.s. Don't make fun of our birthday cake, he loves ricecakes and 'burries' so why not give him something healthy that he loves?

 photo little-intern-photo-9556_zps0a91ab79.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9553_zps4281d743.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9549_zps81ddb49a.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9542_zpsf820945d.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9538_zpsda1e5afd.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9535_zpse3ad7a6d.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9532_zpsdf5ee150.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9530_zpsa95e81a7.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9528_zps7b3f2420.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9523_zps0944f336.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9513_zps590a3665.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9512_zps93a2076e.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9517_zps2fc56b3a.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9509_zpsf39c9dc9.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9587_zpsbeee18ec.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9568_zps57d491b4.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9563_zps3b46be62.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9600_zps2851444e.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9594_zps2b221fe3.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9704_zpsf6093e15.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9702_zpsd487097f.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9677_zps75d2894c.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9657_zpsd1a1823e.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9651_zps4badb41c.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9644_zpsf6b04747.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9623_zps99b4edb0.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9878_zps0e90b9ce.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9817_zps0bd0e21c.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-9830_zpsada72da0.jpg


  1. Oh my word, you do the coolest stuff. :)

  2. Love the theme! Everything looks seriously awesome and your little intern is seriously adorable. ;) Blessings, Evy! Praying for you guys <3