Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Naming Our Boys

In my mind naming children is one of the most exciting, and impacting things about being a parent.
My parents told me very early on what my names meant, and for me it gave me a purpose. I always felt like I knew who I was and what I was supposed to do and be.
Will you forever be lost and purposeless if you don't know what your name means, or if the meaning isn't grand and glorious? No, most certainly not. But when it comes to naming our children we love giving them something good and special to live up to. We choose names based on meaning, honoring family members, and 'the flow' of all of them together. Both my husband and I are very entrepreneurial minded and we've both used our names for businesses. If our boys start their own business ventures we want them to have 'successful/famous' sounding names they could use if they wanted to.
So there you have it, there is a method to our naming process.
Here are some graphs I've put together for each of the kids so far. I printed them out and they now hang in the boy's room.

 photo Evin20August20Name20Page_zpsuf05h4gi.jpg  photo Scottlan20James20Name20Page_zpsiwtdactc.jpg  photo Ransom20Alan20Name20Page_zpsqdlvcdnc.jpg


  1. Thanks for sharing, Evy - I was looking forward to hearing how you chose the name Ransom. :) Your littles are such a joy and I love seeing the picture updates you post! They're growing up so quickly. <3

  2. This is so neat! I love it. I also love your very inspiring love story… when will part nine come?? I'm dying to hear what happens as I've never heard the full thing before!