Monday, August 25, 2014

Be Brave Little One

I never intended to have both my children born in the same month. I like parties and like to spread them out through out the year, but God had a different plan. I think the boys will enjoy having parties together for awhile.
As soon as one party is over at our house I immediately start thinking about next year's theme. Of course I'll let the boys have more input as they get older and actually care, but for the first few years I'm having fun deciding it. This year's theme was Indian Pow Wow. I think it's the party I always wanted as a kid. I was pretty obsessed with Native American stuff back in the day.
I had such a busy Spring and Summer shooting weddings and I didn't let myself get into party stuff until there was a break. I knew how much I like all this theme and that I would tend to go overboard on it. But you better believe as soon as my busy wedding rush was over, the night after getting all my bride's their images, I was downstairs with my hot glue gun making a headdress.
I thought it would be lot easier to find stuff for this party, but turns out it's not a very common theme. Which I guess is fine, it forced me to make stuff and I was reassured that not everybody and their cousin was doing it on Pinterest.
Certain aspects are really in ie. antlers, arrows, Aztec patterns.. but yeah. Not necessarily the full Pow Wow thing.  My family were such good sports to actually dress up and play along with all my crazy game ideas. Thanks guys!
So enough talking, on to how to's and pictures.

Cookies - Bear Paw Cookies
 gf brownie mix with sliced almonds and sliced marshmallows on top.

Head Dress - Hobby Lobby feathers, leather, floral dept. feathers, elastic.

Teepee - Small trees, fabric, deer hide, leather straps.

Cake - White chocolate feathers on a yellow gf cake with chocolate frosting.

Outfits - Goodwill, dress-up stock, Kohls, leather

Children's Leather Moccasins - Nora Gray


Venison Stew
Veggie tray
gf Corn dogs

 photo little-intern-photo-47_zps24311f32.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-28_zps16434c23.jpg  photo BoysIndianPartyInvite_zpsf2856de2.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-146_zps43c4874f.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-143_zpsf83f8040.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-141_zps06a99525.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-133_zps2e0c0b24.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-128_zps88ab09c7.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-138_zpsd87be469.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-148_zps785c0fdf.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-127_zps7863ba3a.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-129_zps6032a10b.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-134_zpsc5b6aadd.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-124_zps398a7911.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-123_zps1942df72.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-166_zpsf74f83c0.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-173_zpsf15ecd8e.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-159_zps747a8e74.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-156_zps4364d55f.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-164_zpsfe5a8f61.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-160_zps4fbb5b3a.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-158_zpsfcd6b8e9.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-107_zpsfccc45eb.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-125_zps9d22213d.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-110_zpse09e8e17.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-18_zpsd8ad3115.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-27_zps7c538e16.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-63_zps90329b63.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-56_zpse96f0acf.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-101_zpsc5d63829.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-111_zpsc96254da.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-32_zpsb3623e2b.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-103_zps9312c096.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-95_zps14354175.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-104_zps58130bb4.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-97_zpsa59c64fe.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-99_zpsf24769c3.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-78_zps83f6e4b8.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-23_zps5110bd31.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-64_zpsaa83d3a0.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-87_zps6b6f696b.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-51_zpsc01b861b.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-77_zps5389c958.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-88_zps6227e419.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-80_zpsc467736c.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-62_zps4bc448c4.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-44_zps549ed88f.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-24_zpse215f63f.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-12_zps39b04345.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-1_zps72edf8e7.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-53_zps84438d66.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-60_zpsb1215d51.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-40_zpsaa192f65.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-35_zpsc5b4b692.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-20_zps14940847.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-15_zpsddef4f43.jpg


  1. Love this, Evy! You capture events like these so, so well and and I especially love the family pictures. :) And of course Chief Running Squirrel and Chief Walking Moose look positively adorable. :) Love this unique theme idea!

  2. This is the cutest!!! Your creativity inspires me. :)

  3. What a fun day! You've definitely got a knack for throwing parties. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to our Little Braves! Love, Aunt Sunshine Daisy-Patch <3