Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Love Story : Part 6

As we drove through the back woods of Brown County Indiana my mind was spinning. We were following the van that I was pretty sure had my future family in law in it, and the jeep that had my future husband was right behind us.  If there was any time I wish I could be in more than one place at a time this was it. I wanted to know so badly what the other conversations happening in the other vehicles were. Did Tim's family know what was going on? Did he/they like me? Did they think I was a weird 'city girl'?
We finally made our way back to their cabin in the woods. A very lovely cabin I might add. Three stories, full porches front the back and large widows that let in lots of light.
We all made our way in and they got our beds set up really quick. I could tell everyone was tired and so was I, so we all decided to go to bed then.
After all, this was kinda awkward, and I didn't really feel like getting into a conversation with Tim at the moment.
The next morning after a good nights rest we got up and had breakfast with the family. I made sure to sit as far away from Tim as possible. The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was being extra friendly with him.
I noticed he ate extra fast and made sure to make his way over to where I was sitting as soon as the family picture book came out. I had heard of this happening when you were getting to know someone, but I was surprised and thought it was funny that it had come out so quickly. I started to think the family was in on what was happening and my suspicions where almost completely confirmed when after breakfast when Tim's dad took us on a tour and made sure to point out all the impressive things Tim had made in their home.
We made our way to the Porter's church which was being held at a friend's home because there was going to be a baptism in the creek afterwards.
I was very impressed with Tim's piano playing and impressed he was willing to be a part of the service like that. 
After the worship time we all made our way down to the creek and Tim and I both got out our 'big cameras' to document the event.
I felt like he was taking a lot of wide angle shots that I sitting on the bank were most likely in. 
After the baptism service we all made our way back to the gathering place for lunch. I was sitting on a large swing with my sister. We were talking quietly and secretly in our sisterly manner. I was telling her that I wasn't going to talk to him unless he started the conversation first. I wanted him to be the leader in this relationship, if that's what it was going to be. It wasn't too long and Tim made his way over to us. He used our cameras to break the ice and we fell easily into a conversation. I loved how he talked about his perspective on his recent trip to Africa. We talked about camera equipment, snakes and missions. It was time for lunch now. I made my way over to the table and dished up. I always looked to see how a guys handles a serving line, for some reason I always felt it showed his character. Does he let the women go first or just jump right in to help himself.
Well Tim was literally the last guy in line, I was impressed if I should had been or not. We didn't sit with each other, he sat with his guy friends, which I saw as another good sign.
Eventually it was time to go home. We had a long drive back to Chicago.
After saying goodbye to our hosts I got into the car. I noticed that Tim dropped everything to come say goodbye to us. As the door closed and we drove away I asked what my sisters and mom thought of him. Mom said she liked him, my eight year old sister said 'He's an eight, but once I get to know him he'll be an ten and a half.' and my sister right under me in age said 'give him three weeks, he's going to call dad'.

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This is a memory burned into my mind from this day. All the kids loved Tim and he was so good with them.


  1. I love it! Now hurry up and write the next chapter! :-)

  2. GAH! You're killing me over here!!!! NEXT PART! ;)
    I love reading these! :)

    1. I am with everyone else, PLEASE hurry!!!!

  3. It was *so* hard being out of town when all this was happening in your life! :O But Jesus knows...and it's so special hearing {again} about what was happening while I was gone. :)

  4. Can you post the next part please!