Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Love Story : Part 7

I was traveling up to Northern Minnesota to visit some family. It's an eleven and a half hour drive one way. I was glad to get the front seat next to dad because I wanted to make sure he knew what was going on in 'the guy department'. My dad doesn't like surprises so I wanted to make sure he knew what had happened up to this point with Tim Porter and that according to my younger sister, Tim would be calling to ask about me sometime soon. I told dad what was up, he asked me 'so if Tim calls and asks to get to know you better you want me to say yes?' I said, I felt a peace about it, and I was willing to get to know him.

It was three weeks and two days since I had met Tim. (Remember what my sister Olivia said about the three week thing?!) I was sitting in my bed working on picture editing when my parents made their way into my room. I'm normally a very suspicious person and I love to know what's going on, but for some reason editing was keeping my mind busy and I didn't notice my parents kinda smirking and talking to each other. Finally my dad says, "well I just got a call from Tim Porter". Whaaaaat?! actually I don't think I said anything, my mouth was literally open as far as it could go and it didn't close for a few minutes. Dad had pretty much just listened to the voice-mail so mom didn't even know anything yet. She was jumping up and down excited. We all went to the living room to listen to the message he had left.
He told dad who he was and that he would like him to call him back at his convenience.
So dad called him back and got his voicemail. Way to keep the suspense growing guys.
Eventually they connected, Tim was able to tell dad that he had met me, really liked me, had been praying about marriage, wanted to get to know me better if that was ok. Or something like that.
Dad already knew I was open to the idea so he set up a time to meet with Tim as the preliminary 'father check' meeting. Does the fact that my dad wanted to meet him first bother me? Absolutely not. I always saw it as a form of protection and I value his wisdom as a family and also a man. I know he wants what's best for his daughters and he's also been married a lot longer than me.

We were going on our annual church camping trip to Lake Michigan. Dad had planned the meeting with Tim during that time. He was already off work and it was a little closer for Tim to drive.
It was day two of the trip I believe. Dad "had to go meet with someone for a few hours", dad's a pastor and a businessman so no one thought much of it. I was dying inside, I wished I could just be a fly on the wall. As he left I reminded him of my few "big" questions I wanted brought up.
Some of my best friends were on the camping trip, and of course, the normal conversations came up.
Life, marriage, who was getting married first. I was trying to change the subject because the last thing I wanted was a direct question aimed at me in regards to if anyone had asked yet or something just as awkward. I wanted to just blurt everything out so bad but held it in till things were actually happening.

Dad came back hours after he was supposed to. I was sitting at the campfire just waiting and waiting. This was  good thing or a bad thing. But most likely good.
He came back, and said they had a very good talk. They were having such a good time talking they went over by three hours. He liked Tim and at this point we were going to be getting together as families sometime in the future. His answers to my 'big' questions were satisfactory and everything was a go.
Ahhh! So crazy! But 'getting together in the future?' what did that mean?
They hadn't picked a time but maybe in a month or so. That wasn't sounding so great in my mind. How could we see him sooner than that? I had questions!!
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  1. I said "yes!" when I saw that this was up. ;) Love hearing your story again + can't wait for the next part! :)

  2. The suspense!! Such a great testimony of a daughter fully trusting her father's leading in her life! Thank you for sharing, Evy!


  4. How can I be in suspense for a story I already know?!? You're such a good story-teller Evy!