Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Love Story : Part 3

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My best friend Leah and I would randomly talk about the updates she was getting about Tim Porter over in Africa. She just wouldn't let the idea that we were perfect for each other die. I have to admit that the whole thing was kinda fun to me, so I played along. Never asking about him, but pretty happy when she brought him up. On a side note, I had always thought I'd marry someone named Daniel. I knew it was far out there but whenever I'd meet a new Daniel I'd wonder if he was 'the one'. Well obviously Tim's name wasn't Daniel. One day I asked Leah if his middle name was by chance Daniel. She said, Yeah! How'd you know?! Oh I didn't I replied, as I stood there in shock.

I went to Indiana for Leah's mom's funeral, I was trying to be on my best behavior because I knew the close family friends, the Porter's would be there. One of my friends (who is a guy) came up to me and started talking. I was trying to be polite but also trying to get out of the conversation. I saw that Mr. Porter had noticed us talking and I knew he prolly thought I was a flirt now. I hoped he didn't really know who I was.

Leah and I were talking in the kitchen on day and she said something that made me totally nervous. She tried to cover it up and told me to never mind. Eventually I made her tell me what was going on. She reluctantly told me that she had took Tim aside at his going away party and told him all about me! I was in shock! I couldn't believe she actually did it! I told her that you're not supposed to do that kind of thing in real life! It's what people do in movies! I felt as if she had just ruined my life somehow. I wasn't really mad at her, but how could she have really done this!? She said she didn't regret it, but she'd never do it again. Now I had an extreme desire to know everything about Tim and how his trip was going. Leah would oblige me and tell me what she knew. The more I heard the more I liked this Tim guy. He indeed did sound pretty perfect for me. Could this be 'The Guy'!?

Meanwhile over in Africa Tim was praying about this girl Leah had told him about. He didn't remember my name or know what I looked like, but he felt like the next step in life was to get married, and he wanted to at least meet me. His three month trip turned into four, five, and six months.
Finally the day came for him to come back home.

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  1. It's a bit easier to be patient since I've had the joy of hearing your whole story, but I'm still super excited to read the next "chapter"! :) Love that picture of you and Jessica, too. :) Hope you are having a lovely December!

  2. Awww!! Reliving all the excitment! ;D

  3. Still loving reading this story!!! Thanks for posting :D