Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Love Story : Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

Leah my best friend looked at me and said very excitedly. "Tim Porter! I never thought of it before, it's perfect!” “Haha, that guy you always talk about?” And she proceeds to tell me how her mom was just talking to him the other day and asked him if he wanted to get married soon. He had said yes, and that he was looking for a girl that shared his interests, maybe someone who would like to go to Africa on his upcoming missions trip. Leah said I needed to go with him! Haha, yeah right. I looked at her and she was actually serious! No, way, there are some major issues with that plan. I couldn't go to Africa, in three weeks, by myself, with a guy, for three months! As I laughed to myself I can remember feeling really peaceful about what she had just proposed. The idea of Tim and me, not the Africa part. People had told me they felt 'a peace' as they started a relationship or married their spouse. I wondered what it felt like exactly. Others had tried to match me up before, but this time it was different, I could tell. The day went on and Leah just wouldn't give this new match up. She talked about in front of people, and even referred to him as 'my future husband'. I thought the whole thing was rather humorous.

I drilled her on a few things that I thought would throw her off. I said, “But I don't want to live in Indiana, I want to live by the beach.” “Oh he wants to move to California,” she said. “Does he play the guitar?” “Yes!” “But does he play piano?” “Yeah, really good!” Oh boy.
I don't know why I asked these things because they aren't even in the top ten on my list of 'deal breakers' or anything. 

Well little did I know that my friend who had my best intentions in mind was about to do something that even she was scared about.

Leah as a close friend of Tim went to his going away party that was held for him. During the night she got up enough courage to talk to him about me. The middle of the room was actually the loudest and least conspicuous place to talk. Of course she only told Tim all my good qualities and told him he really should be praying about getting to know me when he came back from Africa. He thanked her, and told her that he would.

A few days later Tim shipped off to Africa, for what was supposed to be three months.

I was going about my daily life. My photography business was picking up and I was pretty happy with life. One day I was sitting at the computer when my dad walked in the front door. He walked up to me and said “Do you know a Timothy Porter” I said, with a quiver in my voice, kinda..I know of him. Why? "Oh, he's over in Africa doing the same things that you want to do, I just think that's interesting." And he proceed to stick Tim's prayer card up on our fridge. So as 'interesting' as it was that Tim 's doing the same things that I wanted to do, even more interesting is that dad brought his picture home. My dad doesn't bring up boys to his daughters, second he's always the one trying to declutter our house, why would he bring more paper home, and third, the card didn't even come to him, he was just helping to clean out an old mailbox at work and happened to find it. The next thing that made me think something special was up happened next.

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