Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dolphin Chasing

A trip to FL wouldn't be complete without a dolphin spotting or two. Fortunately we had more like 17-18, which was awesome. One night we did the tourist thing and took a dolphin watching cruise. I don't really care what kind of animal we're supposedly going to watch, as long as I'm on a boat, I'm happy. Fast boat, slow boat, any boat, me likey. Evin was having a rough night due to his top teeth coming in, but I think he still had fun. I didn't actually get any pictures of the dolphins. I decided that I'd rather just relax and chill-out vs. leaning over the boat every second of the trip trying to capture the fast moving mammal.

Trying to  finish up these FL posts so we can move on to our CO trip!


  1. *uncontrollable wailing* I must have him back!! Nice pictures... =]

  2. I need Evin! He's so cute!!!!!