Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Portraits : Summer 2012 (bloopers)

I posted our most recent family photos over on my business blog, but here you can see all our 'blooper shots'. You know, the ones where Evin won't look at the camera, we're squinting too much, or the shirtless older gentleman is walking through the shot. Gotta love family portraits. Thank you to my sister-in-law for snapping the shots and for the rest of the fam for jumping up and down, dancing, and trying to get Evin to look at the camera.

Evin is 10months old today! Seriously?! Someone asked me if I'm going to have a birthday party for him. I said no, I don't think so. Haha, a few minutes later I was like, what on the earth, my first and only kid is turning one, of course I'm having a party!!' lol I've decided the theme is going to be goldfish :)


  1. second from the bottom: I think he was tired.

  2. So cute...and so funny!! :D And yes, be sure to have a b-day party for your little guy!

  3. And the crazy thing is how absolutely adorable some of those 'mess-up' pictures really are. I love the one where Evin has his face buried in your shoulder. Too sweet! Aw, I love goldfish. I bet that'll be way fun. Please be sure to put up pictures of the wee man's special day.
    ~ Sarah McD.

  4. These are cute! I really like the one where Evin is hiding his face in your shoulder. =)