Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Third Anniversary Trip

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Tim and I found out very early on in our relationship what our love languages are. A love language is how you most feel loved, and how you express love to others. (I highly recommend learning the love language of the people you care about. Or even the people you don't get along with, it could really help your relationship out a lot.)
Tim feels loved when people spend 'quality time' with him, and 'physical touch' is high on his list.
For me it's 'quality time', 'words of affirmation' and 'gifts'. Although, after having kids 'acts of service' shot straight up. I'm needy, what can I say.
So as you can see 'quality time' is something we both need to feel most loved. That's why we make sure to get away together for at least a few hours close to our wedding anniversary. It's hard to be gone too long with an infant, but it's important enough to our marriage and I totally trust our family to watch the boys.
This year we decided to just spend the day at 'our little lake Michigan beach'. We went there for our honeymoon and so far every year since. I guess it's a tradition now. The beach was actually busy this time, unlike other years so we found our new-favorite-secret-dune-hideout. It's was perfect. We had a little picnic with all our goodies we got at Whole Foods, laid in the sun, took pictures, and gave each other gifts.

I think I've finally built up enough courage to post our full love story and how God brought us together, so stayed tune for that.

I love you to death Tim Porter! Thanks for loving me.

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