Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrating One Beautiful Year

Tim and I celebrated our first anniversary a few weekends ago and here are some pictures.
He did a good job surprising me (which is extremely hard to do).
Unfortunately I had a 102.+ fever, throbbing headache and forgot my make up bag, but other than that it was wonderful.
He is so sweet to me. 

He started the weekend off by giving me flowers...yes, orchids.
My favorite.
We drove to Chicago on Friday night.
The next morning we went garage saling, because I love it so.
Made out like bandits on some cool stuff I "needed".

Next he took me to get my nails done.
(At the same place that had done them a year earlier for our wedding.)

I've been wanting him to try some horchata for like two years now and we finally got some.
Yummy, yummy stuff!
After that we hit another garage sale, tried to buy some stuff but the guy decided he really liked us and gave us everything for free.
Nice guy, I like him.

We made sure to stand in the exact spot we got married a year ago to the minute.
I have this restaurant and it's my favorite restaurant so where do you think Tim took me for dinner?
I've been wanting to go there with him ever since we've been together but it just hasn't worked out until this trip.

He took me downtown, we walked by the lake, we took one picture and the phone died.
We waited an hour and a half to get into the restaurant then ate super yummy food.
You'll just have to take my word for it because I have no documentation. 

The next morning I was feeling pretty bad so we just laid low till the afternoon then he took me to an Inn by lake Michigan.

We had stayed just down the road at a bed and breakfast for our honeymoon last year.
It was so nice to go back.
That evening we went out to eat at a place that specializes in seafood.

We had some homemade tomato soup that Tim declared was the best he's ever had
and had some seafood, of course.
(You'll have to forgive the cell phone pics.)

After dinner he presented me with a necklace he made just for me.
Pretty talented.

Who thinks he should open his own Etsy shop?
In the morning he took me to my favorite place.

The beach!

Someone asked if we were on our honeymoon...what a silly question, why would they ever think that?

The ocean! I'm so happy!

Tim trying to make me laugh, and succeeding quite well I might add.

What women doesn't love a man that can make her laugh? 

While on the beach Tim read me a song he wrote for me.
He's been working on it for almost a year, whenever he has spare time.
It was so cute.

This is the part I've been waiting a year for...eating our awesome (gluten free) cake!
The girl who did our cake made it exactly how I wanted it to look.
And she made it taste awesome too.
Needless to say the cake was gone rather fast.
We had a lovely time together but were so happy to come back to our little smooie.
It was amazing how much we missed the little guy just being gone less than 24 hours.
We didn't even know him a short time ago and now he's so important to us.
Next post will actually have him in it, I promise.

I love you Tim!


  1. Sweet.
    Nice weekend.
    It's nice to make memories...

    You need those.. soon there will be 5 years of them
    and before you know it,
    there will be 50
    you've started out right..
    enjoy them.

  2. Good Work, Tim! She's definitely feeling the love I'd say. :-) Beautiful!

  3. Hah! When Tim showed us the necklace (before he gave it to you ;) I told him he should have his own Etsy shop! =} Verrrry bluetiful =)

  4. Looks like you guys had a special time! You still look beautiful even if you did forget your makeup bag!

  5. Happy Anniversary! what a memorable day it was for you both :) And he wrote you a song? How sweet!!!

  6. Tim is such a romantic. And he didn't stop after he "won" you. He is doing a wonderful job showing you how much he cherishes you, Evy. So VERY happy for you both, all 3 of you! Wishing you all the best of what this life has to offer.

  7. Hello! Dunno if you remember me from a certain facebook message several years ago when i was inquiring your photography prices, but I've kept up with your photography blog ever since. You are very talented and I love the natural "clean" feel to your pictures... they always make me smile and inspire me as well. Keep up the good work! :)
    Anyway, this may seem VERY random but I am dying of curiosity... how do you know what horchata is?? I live in El Salvador, my dad is a native, and horchata is the typical drink here in our country. When I read the part of you introducing it to your husband i had to stop and re-read it. ;)
    excuse the random comment and question!
    Blessings on your life!

  8. Hey Sandra! Yes, I remember you! One of my friends from Mexico told me about it I believe. Love it!
    Thanks for the kind words :)