Monday, October 28, 2013

3rd Anniversary

Every other year it's been a little tricky to celebrate our anniversary because I seem to like having babies the month before. It's hard to leave an infant for too long. This year, it didn't fall on the weekend so we had to wait a few days to officially celebrate. But Tim still made the actual day as special as he could. He took me out to dinner at our town's new Noodles and Company, we played around with our cameras, took pictures, and had such a special time 'deep talking' with each other. I love this man, and I'm so happy we're stuck together for life.
Every year we make sure to get a few pictures of us on our actual anniversary. There wasn't much light by the time we got out the door, but here are a few of us. And some of dinner too.

Haha, I love it how my dark circles are so obvious...not. Baby slept nine hours last night! That's a new one, and I sure hope it's here to stay!

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  1. Awww, these are so beautiful! <3 So thankful for you two and loved hearing your beautifully unique love story at the workshop. ;) Happy anniversary!

  2. Hi Evy =) It's Angie. I saw a link to your blog on Elizabeth's page. Check out my Reformation post to see the adorable pics of little Evan. Happy late anniversary, btw. Blessings~