Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

(Better late than never post)

About February is the time we sit down and the inevitable question comes up. "So where are we going to take our vacation this Spring?" We never really took vacations as a family in the early years of growing up, but once the kids got older and could actually help, could read in the car, and didn't need to bring a packnplay, things got easier. Most of the family usually votes for a warmer location, but there's always the one sister who lobbys for Alaska or something along those lines. "Give me mountains" she says. Well this year we were all happy, mountains, water, and warmer weather. Happiness all around. The only sad part of this trip was Tim had some business meetings he needed to stay back for. So him and I will just have to go back together. We pulled into our first stop of the trip. It was a cute little Smoky mountain town with a railroad station and old trains. Evin had decided just the week before that he was going to be obsessed with trains, so all we heard the next half hour was "choo-choo!-choo-choo!". Dad decided that he needed to be the hero grandpa and got tickets for all of us to ride the "choo-choo" the next day. He also knew the older kids would appreciate more of an adventure, so he booked them a whitewater raft ride for the return trip down the mountain. Whitewater rafting is only something I've always wanted to do, and of course I'm pregnant. Just another reason for Tim and me to go back. It was only good times for everybody, and I'm so thankful for a family that I love to be around. And thank you to everyone that made our trip so enjoyable! It was a pleasure to meet some new friends and family, and to reconnect with others.

And yes, it did take me awhile to 'unspoil' the little intern.

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  1. Looks like a memorable trip! And I still can't get over how adorable 'lil Evin is - so happy that I was able to meet your little intern at the workshop. :) Blessings, Evy! <3

  2. Evy as always what wonderful journalling and photographs !Thanks for sharing your life w/ us , as always ,D