Monday, July 22, 2013

Clean Little Angel

Evin was just being too adorable the other day, I had to get my camera out. Most of the stuff I shoot these days is for Instagram, but I've been making myself get the 'real' camera out every once in awhile. He was being a good boy and humored his photographer mom...for a little while.

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3401_zps3383b854.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3394_zps6c0b0a46.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3398_zps47f199a9.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3386_zps0f1c3130.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3387_zpsdac9c7e2.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-baby-bath-towel-3437_zpsc01c8a1d.jpg


  1. I miss that little guy!!


  2. These pictures are so precious <3 And so glad I was able to meet your little intern at the workshop...give him a hug for me, okay? :) Blessings!

  3. Those are just so cute!!!