Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 4th of July '13

It's so amazing watching life through  your little person's eyes. And because I have Evin I think this was one of the best fourth of July's yet. Everything is so new and exciting to him, you can't help but feel like a kid again.
The weekend was filled with glorious sunsets, followed by awesome 'booms' shows, picnics with friends and family, running around with our hands outstretched trying to catch 'fire-bugs', and Tim making sure our fireworks show had Sousa marches playing loudly.
Making a pie or two is one of our traditions so this year I made coconut pie with whipped cream. I left it down on Evin's level for a few minutes and thankfully we caught his little hands before they destroyed it. We made sure to make time for a special little family picnic at the park, we took pictures, ate food, and Evin covered himself in watermelon.
One night as we were going to bed our crazy neighbors told us to wait because they were going to get fireworks for our, and I'm sure their enjoyment. We waited on our "porch" for another half and hour, passing the time watching slugs. Finally they came back with their treasures, and started the show. They almost blew-up the playhouse across the street, and nearly shot us with a stray cracker but once it was over we retired happy and thankful to be alive, and for our wonderful little life together.

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  1. Those wee hands in his pockets; you beauty queen mommy (and sweetest Baby-bump!) and superstar daddy ... it's too much cuteness!!