Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

Ok, this wasn't exactly Christmas morning, but kinda close.
We had to get our 'annual Christmas morning pj family picture', and here it is, in all it's glory.
I'm sure Evin will laugh at it when he get's older. 
See, family pictures are a challenge for everyone, even if you have a nice camera and know how to use it.
He was being all cute when he was by himself, but didn't want to share the spotlight apparently. Stinker.

 photo thelittleintern-christmas-4fix_zps4b0952e3.jpg
 photo thelittleintern-christmas-6_zpsfaa147b3.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-7_zps7663f6e2.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-10_zps79a293f4.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-13_zpsf082f2aa.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-16_zps891a7589.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-40_zps12f65e1f.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-26_zps1fc77ef9.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-36_zpsa43eb0e5.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-22_zps8d4d9cc2.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-18_zps834c3142.jpg  photo thelittleintern-christmas-41_zps892d6121.jpg  

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