Friday, March 22, 2013

Half Way

Reaching 20 weeks or 'half way' in your pregnancy is always something to celebrate. 
It seemed to take with my first born, but people told me that it would go by faster with the second child. I hoped they were right. I admit it, pregnancy isn't my favorite thing to go through. Some moms just love being pregnant, some really don't like it at all, and I'm in the middle. I love the thought of a precious little person growing, and sometimes it feels all 'romantic/surreal' to look in the mirror and see a little baby belly, and yes, being a mother and helping to grow a little person is very fulfilling. It makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to do. But there are lots of things that aren't my cup of (raspberry leaf) tea. But I especially don't care for the weeks before say, the 18th. Around the 18th I start showing for sure, my morning sickness is totally gone, I can feel my baby kick every day, I have enough energy to exercise and stay active, and the end doesn't seem all that far away. But 20 weeks is especially exciting.

 photo thelittleintern-maternity-3_zps2382ba59.jpg

 I'm looking forward to the next half...well most of it. 


  1. this is beautiful, Evy! love seeing all your bump photos. :)

  2. I didn't think that was you then I was like o that is her. :)
    Hannah Bath