Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter DIY - Basket

Is it too soon to start some Easter posts?
There's something about Valentine's and Easter that gets me every year, I just want to create. I want to cook, and make pretty things by hand, you know, be all domestic and such.
Thought I'd share a few traditions/crafts we do for the holiday.
Today I'll give you the link to make adorable baskets made from paper grocery bags.

easter diy photo evangelinerenee-7641_zps26ea0469.jpg  easter diy basket photo evangelinerenee-7651_zpsb97b2635.jpg  easter diy egg photo evangelinerenee-7682_zpsedf8904d.jpg
Want to hold on to the celebration a little longer?
Once you're done with your egg shell let the kids fill it with flowers and decorate the table.
From the empty shell comes life.
Mark 16:6

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