Monday, February 25, 2013

What does the Cow say?

Evin is very good at his animal noises now, especially his cow sound.
He was very happy to see some real 'moos' when we went up North for Christmas. It was a happy/sad trip for me, I knew very well it would prolly be the last time I got to visit my grandparent's farm. I had spent months of my childhood here, and it will be so hard to never see it in the same way again. Grandma sold the farm and is moving to town, we can't blame her, it's a lot of work and money to keep up a farm by yourself. In my selfishness I wish she would stay there forever though. I woke up early one day to take a walk one more time in the field. Here are a few of the images that will always be burned in my memory.
 photo 20121229-_MG_9558_zps2cb0a9c9.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9540_zps44b61df4.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9603_zpse3cf2ae5.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9580_zps0e2aeb13.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9643_zps3099c490.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9656_zps9f39507f.jpg  photo 20121229-_MG_9567_zps312aa5ad.jpg


  1. That is beautiful.
    Hannah bath

  2. Beautiful pictures! I live on a farm! :)