Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas and Valentine's Day

Ok, I admit, I really didn't feel like taking too many family pictures over the holidays. To be honest, I just wasn't feeling well for the last three months, and that's my excuse. Now that I am no longer feeling 'blah' with morning sickness I hope to be posting more on here.
Haha, we still haven't had our family Christmas, that tells you how 'blah' I actually felt. At least I decorated the house, aren't you proud of me. Here are a few decorations. And since a post just isn't the same without Evin's little face I'll also add in his Valentine's Day cards he gave out to the family. Which one do you like the best? He's actually pretty proud of them, it's hilarious. I had grand hopes of using more props, and poses, but this was as good as it was going to get that day. Life with kids...
 photo 20130124-_MG_1821_zps4d5106ed.jpg  photo 20130124-_MG_1823_zps790742fe.jpg  photo 20130211-201302112-_MG_2573_zps20ab4909.jpg  photo 20130211-201302113-_MG_2565_zpsd6ffe67b.jpg  photo 20130211-201302112-_MG_2543_zps6d2935ff.jpg  photo 20130211-201302113-_MG_2578_zpsb8e58096.jpg  photo 20130211-201302113-_MG_2583_zpsf395baea.jpg  photo 20130211-201302112-_MG_2568_zps645bbfaa.jpg  photo 20130211-201302131-_MG_2577_zps74d054da.jpg  photo 20130211-201302112-_MG_2554_zps42c788d6.jpg  photo 20130211-201302112-_MG_2547_zps002605a5.jpg


  1. 1. I think the last one is my favorite!
    2. Can I just have all your aqua and beach stuff? Please? ;)

  2. So cute! I love the pictures of Evin! He's adorable:)

  3. Evin is SOOO cute!! Did he fake cry for you or was he really crying? I love your decorations! :)