Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trip to Colorado

Frankly it's embarrassing how long it's taken to get this post up. I knew it was going to be long and take awhile so I procrastinated and now it seems like forever ago.
Evin is like three years older now...not really. This is going to be just a never ending post of pictures, consider yourself warned. 
So here you go, our trip to Colorado.

Evin was a traveling trooper. The drive out there was long even for an adult.
I've been to Colorado before but I was shooting a wedding and didn't get to sight-see. So it was cool to be able to play the tourist this time.

Wow, if you're still here, thanks. That was a lot of pictures.
Colorado is such a beautiful state and I think half my family wanted to move there once the trip was done.

We had such a lovely Labor Day! Did you?
Pictures will be coming...


  1. Those first few pics look like the Mollie Kathleen Mine. My brother got his whole head bitten by a burro there when he was little.

  2. Yes, we were at the mine! Yikes!:P That sounds like a painful experience.

  3. Aw.....you were so close. Isn't the Academy just stunning?! Totally want to photograph a wedding there sometime. :) Glad you got to come out!

  4. Wow, what a totally cool trip!!!

  5. Evy, what church was that? I love the stained glass windows!

  6. You certainly know how to capture gorgeous photos of CO! Wish you all did live here. I really think you should seriously think about moving out! ;) Where were the photos take of the victorian dresses?

  7. My Colorado-love is partially satiated. ;)