Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Picnic

Sunny Spring evenings just demand a picnic.

Making lemonade

Love my gluten free almond cake from Ikea!

Our neighborhood.

We gave him an apple to suck on. He decided he wanted to do more than suck on it, he wanted to devour it.

I love hanging out with my boys.


  1. Oh my word! I love sooo many things about this post :)

    1. I am quite the spontaneous "picnicker" myself ;)

    2. those pictures of you and Evin are precious!

    3. I love your idea of using a cutting board as a sturdy surface for food and drinks! I am always struggling with trying to keep things from toppling over on a lumpy quilt ;)

    4. you look absolutely GORGEOUS in those two sunny pics!!!! :O

    5. I love Evin's pouty face ;)

    and 6. those sneaker socks are waaaaayy too cute! :)

  2. oh those pictures of Evin with the golden sunlight are absolutely adorable! love all of these shots.