Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Little Christmas

Ok, this is the last Christmas post, I promise...I think.
We finally got to celebrate our little Christmas at home, bringing the count to 12 family celebrations.
"No, Evin, 12 family Christmas parties is not normal."

Our little woodsman.

This is "Anthony" my teddy bear I got when I was 2.

My boys

Evin is now getting up on all fours and scooting around our living room. Time to get a gate for the stairs.

All Evin wanted for Christmas was two front teeth...well that's what he got.
He kept us up most of the night, which he hasn't done since....well he's never done.
The next morning, sure enough there was his cute little tooth.
Now as of last night he has two teeth.

Hope all you Northerners are staying safe and warm with all this ice and snow.
By the way, it's a proven fact that you stay 27.4% warmer when wearing plaid flannel pants.
Ok, fine, I just made that up.


  1. I suffer from 'holdingnephicus'; when one's hands positively itch to hold one's nephew, all day long!

  2. You all are too CUTE in your plaid pj's :) And MAN! that little boys' eyes!!!