Monday, January 16, 2012

Evin at 4 Months Old

I just realized that I never posted Evin's "4 month old" shoot.
Yes, he just turned 5 months. I'm behind on the blog posts.
This was a very impromptu shoot, he was being cute, light was nice and the camera just happened to be sitting next to my right hand.
I would have put a different outfit on him if I knew we were going to be shooting, oh well.
He had just started playing with toys and was having fun with his giraffe.

Next up, more Christmas adventures with Evin.


  1. Gorgeous. Love the one focused on his hands!

  2. He is so cute!!!!! - Heidi

  3. And all the people said, "He's so fluffy!"

  4. So sweet... I think that is the PERFECT shirt for a shoot. I love his big eyes. :)
    Question: Are all the photos on you blog edited, or are they straight out of the camera?

  5. those eyes are to die for! love them!