Monday, September 12, 2011

Of Wedding Attending

I don't get to attend too many a guest I mean.
I love my job as a wedding photographer but it is nice to just chill out at a wedding once in awhile.

My cousin got married on the grounds of a beautiful mansion in Kentucky.

This was Evin's first of many wedding experiences I'm sure.

I actually got to sit down and eat!

Oo, it's kinda fun being a guest at these things.

My handsome hubby.

He's a natural at the photobooth thing. Am I a horrible parent?

Evin got to meet his new cousin who is 6 days older than him.

Now that he knows what a wedding is, I'm pretty sure he's ready to help second shoot.


  1. Too cute! Love the mustache on Evin :)
    and how cool that he has a cousin only 6 days older than him. Beautiful wedding and the food looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Oh my word!!! He looks too cute in that mustache! LoL

  3. AW! I love the photo of Evin with the mustache. So ridiculously adorable. :)

  4. LOVE Evin with a mustache! It works on him. :-)