Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little Intern the 3rd : 31 Weeks

Have I really not announced this pregnancy on here yet?
As you can see blogging hasn't been on the top of the priority list for a little while.
Anyways, yes, baby three is on the way! We are super excited! Often the first baby and pregnancy gets all the documentation but I'm doing my best to make sure we get pictures and such for all the babies that come.
Thank you to my husband for helping me document this special time!

 photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8474_zpsr06dperi.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8471_zpsjnk4sp50.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8543_zpsa1cqznxj.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8734_zpsdjlhldpy.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8476 copy_zpstlfi7cm3.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8720_zpsmokjdliz.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8668_zpsl9omzdc1.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8638_zpsst4so7dn.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8478_zpslyn1m2kc.jpg  photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8459_zpsaimujiuf.jpg photo maternity-evy-evangeline-renee-photo-8591_zpsxpouql38.jpg


  1. You. are. gorgeous. And I am so excited about your newest intern! :)

  2. CONGRATS! Now I know of... let's see... maybe 20 pregnant ladies?! My sister is about 35 weeks and another sister at 29 weeks- this baby is right in between!

  3. seriously can you get any prettier?! love these!

  4. Congratulations!! Boy or girl??