Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Snow Day from The Boys

Well we didn't end up getting enough snow around here to get a full snow day, but I'll take a half day if it means hubby can be home longer. Hope you all are staying warm, and those of you who are on your tropical vacation right now, I still like you. However I will be blocking you from fb and Instagram until your trip is over. Just kidding.

Love these hats by Beloved Creations!
Seriously go get some for your babies, kids, or friend's babies and kids!

Happy Monday!
 photo the-little-intern-christmas-9569_zps92644acb.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9607_zps244853b6.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9568_zps557261d2.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9599_zps376e8373.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9575_zpsa6160442.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9614_zps85c6637b.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9615_zps08249252.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9571_zps7ab181f7.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9565_zpsff55808d.jpg  photo the-little-intern-christmas-9637_zps2705a637.jpg


  1. Look at those bright blue eyes....(brilliant)
    look at those dark brown eyes....(beautiful)
    Love the hats...
    Love the "snow day with no shirt" brrrr

  2. the thing that stands out to me the most in these pictures is their eyes - so big and bright and adorable! and those hats are pretty cute, too :) i can hardly believe how fast 'lil scotty is growing up! and evin looks like he is doing a great job of being the big brother :) miss you all!

  3. Be prepared to write a book, entitled "How the Aunts Kidnapped their Nephews"; in which we find that the cuteness portrayed in these photos is entirely too much for three northern aunties to handle. And thus, they swoop down from the skyscrapers of Chicago to steal their too-darling-for-this-planet-to-contain nephews away! And they lived selfishly-happy ever after. The End. {but, seriously, they're too adorable.}

  4. Cute! I cant wait for part 4 on the love story!!!!

    1. When is part 4 coming out?!?!?!?