Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trimming the Tree

So, story behind our tree this year...
My family has always been a fake-tree family. Yes, I understand it's awesome to go to a farm in your red flannel shirt, hatchet over your shoulder, fluffy dog by your side, and pick out the perfect tree. And honestly it's an awesome photo op. Some day this tradition might be a part of our family's life also. But for now it's the fake tree, with no shedding needles, sap, or need to water. See if you have a fake tree it becomes part of your family. It's like seeing an old friend every day after Thanksgiving.
Anyways, there's pros and cons to each way of Christmas-tree-ing.

So this year I went to buy our official family Christmas tree. I found the perfect one that would last us for years if need be. But the store was out of stock, and for some uncharitable reason they wouldn't sell me the display. So with a disappointed soul I left the store knowing that I wouldn't have time to find another one in time for our 'day after Thanksgiving' tree trimming party.
I ran into Goodwill because that's how I roll, and what do you know, a nice little Goodwill guy brought a tree box out and plopped it down right in front of me. The picture on the box looked perfect and whaaat? it was only $5! I open the box, everything seemed to be there. I grabbed my prize, paid for it, and rushed out the door.
So the day came to put up our little tree. I emptied the box and very quickly realized that some of the branches were missing, actually over half of the branches were missing. No wonder it was $5. If I attempted to use what we had it would have looked worse than the Charlie Brown tree. Noooo, now what were we gonna do. Well my handy hubby grabbed the tree base and headed out to his workshop. He came back with half the center pole sawed off. Perfect, we had just enough branches to fill our adorable dwarfed tree. And you know what? I think it looks better than the box picture. It looks cute, and only we know it's secret...well and you.
Evin was very eager to help decorate this year. We let him do what he thought looked best, then rearranged when he went down for his nap.

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  1. so cute! love the story. goodwill always delivers..even if all the branches are missing. :)

  2. Very cute photos! Quite the adventure getting the tree, and how awesome that it was salvageable. Creativity never fails! Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

  3. Why? Why so heart-meltingly-adorable?? <3 You and Timmy are my inspirations... =]