Friday, September 13, 2013

First "Real" Shoot

Well this is Scotty first 'real' shoot with the 'big' camera. He did well, and seemed to realize there was going to be a lot this in his future so why fight it. Just smile and coo.
He's a happy little guy with blue eyes, elf ears, big lips, hair that could be turning red, and cheeks that demand to be kissed. I think he's just perfectly what our family needs.
Evin kept his blue eyes for a couple months and now has brown, so we'll see if Scotty changes or decides to keep 'em.

 photo little-intern-photo-0815_zps17c8edf0.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0779_zps7aab4259.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0765_zps51dba428.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0780_zps0c1011d8.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0830_zpsdd92b754.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0787_zps80233f53.jpg  photo little-intern-photo-0829_zps4706ceb5.jpg


  1. So CUTE! I love the 3rd pic. :)
    Hannah bath

  2. this is soooo precious! I love the mid-sneeze moment

  3. Aww...he is so precious and I do hope I shall get to meet the littlest intern someday soon. =) Blessings!