Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Last Month

What does the last month of pregnancy look like for me? It looks like me waking up early with a mega-super-woman-energy-boost ready to organize and clean every inch of my house, only to be totally worn out in an hour and a half. But at least I got an hour and a half in. As the days go by my house is getting very organized. You'll find me making lists upon lists, because I forget everything with my pregnancy brain (yes, it does exist) and I just have a ton more things on my mind. I make lists about making lists, it's amusing I'm sure. My house smells of muffins, pies, cookies, and the like, because even though I really don't like baking and I don't have a sweet tooth I am compelled by some unseen force to be domestic and let the inner baker-lady come out. If you placed a video camera on me while I'm sleeping in the last few days it would most remind you of the discovery channel. I find myself waking up a few times a night while my body is trying to turn over. I feel and I'm sure resemble a beached whale trying to roll back into the ocean. You try turning over without using your ab muscles. Braxton hicks are common, and muscles pinch and ache for various reasons. My tailbone decides it doesn't want to actually stay in one place like a normal person, it wants to be free to move here and there without restraint. I try to keep up my little exercise routine and tell myself it's ok I can't do chin-ups at the moment. And tea, lots and lots of tea. Gotta keep that uterus strong ya know. Over all I feel good, and really don't have much to complain about, and lots to be grateful for. My body is officially ready to meet this little person, but it's kinda crazy to think about doing this whole infant stage again. It's not easy (in my opinion) but I think I'm ready for the beautiful challenge again. One more month!!! Give or take three weeks.
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  1. Remember during the workshop when that lady rolled down her window and said "I just have to say that you have to be the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!" to you? Yep, prettyyyy sure she's right. :) You're such a beautiful example to me. And Evin + your next little intern are so blessed to have you as their mama. :) Praying for you as you prepare for the arrival of you little one! Much love + miss you guys! <3

  2. You make being pregnant look so easy you've got to be quite uncomfortable by now. Praying you have a safe healthy delivery! Btw is there a reason you wear your wedding ring on your middle finger? I've not seen that done before but it is cute.

    1. Ah, thanks :) I wear it on the wrong finger because I've lost a lot of weight since my wedding :P