Monday, November 21, 2011

Why We Named Him That

 I just realized I forgot to post about how and why we named our son what we did.
So here you go.
How did we choose our son's names?
First, a little history.
In my family once we found out mom was pregnant we immediately started picking out names.
We throw a few around for a couple months and then about half way through the pregnancy we had a full boys name and girls name ready to go.
Once the baby was born and the gender was determined, well the name was ready and that's what they were called.
In Tim's family they had some ideas about what they would like but didn't name the kid till it came, and in some cases didn't name it for weeks.
Two different ways to do it, neither one is right or wrong but Tim and I did grow up differently on this account.
Well we actually had two other boys names picked out for the majority of the nine months.
But when it came down to it we really didn't feel like they were the right choices for our first born son.
I was very happy to be settled on names so quickly but after we started seconded guessing them I felt very unorganized.
Every week I would ask Tim, "what are we going to name it if it's a boy?".
And he would say, let's just wait till it gets here.
Nooooo, we need to know now, before it comes! I would think.
As the time got closer the name Evan started sounding really good to me.
It had been on our list of names that we like but it was never at the top until now.
Tim decided that he really liked it too.
Evan was the "popular" spelling so how about Ev(i)n.
That's different and pretty unique!
After studying the meanings of the name we liked it even more.

We both believe meanings of names can be very influential in a child's life.
It's our prayer that our son would be swift to do the Lord's will for His life. 
And that he would become a  great man of God that will lead those under his authority well.

We named him August to honor his great grandpa that passed away before he could meet him.

So there ya have it.
I'm curious,
how many of you thought we named his August because that was the month he was born in?


  1. All I have to say is that my name {August} has been stolen! ={ *sigh* However, I am resigned... ;)

  2. I thought it was for the month... I admit it. :P Evin is one of my new favorite names now!

  3. I sure thought it was for the month :)
    But I love the way you did the whole thing!!

  4. Very cool! I love studying names and their meanings. Evin August is perfect for your little guy.