Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Home : Living Room

I've been asked a few times to put up pictures of my house.
I keep putting it off because it's not "perfect" yet.
I don't think it will ever be "perfect" so I guess I'll just show you all now.
Today I'll show you my living room.

As you can see I'm kinda obsessed with blue and the beach.
I still don't have all my walls how I want them but you get the general idea.


  1. I love it! it has a very neat, and clean feel without being stark, and your colors are great!

  2. Very pretty! I really like the colors and theme!
    You will probably be changing things before too long, though : ) (I have 9 younger siblings) : )

  3. So I was scrolling through the photos, and Kaitlyn said, "Is that Tim's suitcase?" (I didn't tell her whose pictures these were.) Micheal said, "Eh, I'll leave my wife to do the decorating."

    I love the "new" wall! Good job.

  4. Love it!!

    I love the first picture. My favorite color is blue, so I especially love it. :)