Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ransom Alan : Newborn Pictures

Ransom has been a perfect baby for the last week and a half. He cried once when he was born and then only when he's hungry he lets out a few whimpers. I'm so thankful for his sweet, laid back spirit. God knows what each mommy needs. I'm not taking the peace for granted, but I sure am blessed with how the transition from two to three has been so far. I know it could change at any minute, but I'm not complaining for now. I'm also very thankful my mom has been able to help out since his birth, we'll see how it is when she leaves.

Grandma and Daddy took the boys out for lunch and Ransom and I had a little photo session together. Here are the official newborn pictures.
So far he has blue/gray eyes, brown hair, Uncle Andrew's hairline, Tim's nose (thank you Lord), my long arms and skin tone. It's amazing how much they change over a few days at this age!

I'll be posting a little more about his birth, family pictures, and why we named him Ransom Alan, so stay tuned.

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  1. So incredibly precious. Blessings to your sweet fam!

  2. So adorable. One after the other made me giggle and grin!