Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter '14

Had a lovely Easter with our family this year. The weather was amazing! (Dare I say almost too hot?)
I'm not complaining about heat after that winter though!
Christmas is so special because Jesus came to earth to save us. But what if He had sinned during His life? What if  He decided the cross and all the suffering just wasn't something He was willing to go though? What if He didn't rise from the dead? I feel hopeless thinking about it.
But He didn't sin, He was perfect, even though He was tempted in all the ways were are. He was the only one qualified to take our sins upon Him. He was willing to die for us! He went through an unbelievable and indescribable amount of pain for us. And He rose again! Yes, Easter is a most beautiful holiday.

Can I just say it's near to impossible to take family pictures with a two year old boy!
And equally impossible to keep shoes on a 8 month old.
We love 'em though.

   photo spring-evangeline-renee-0905_zpsbbf99056.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0919_zps5715439e.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0801_zps9322dc33.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0952_zpsab1f6e28.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1044_zps55abb305.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0798_zps1e9e9ff2.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0988_zps69a43356.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0804_zps852f2b9c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0968_zps93c1503a.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0890_zpsc6fdd1c1.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0950_zps82592fd0.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0923_zps895e2946.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0936_zps061904ac.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0812_zpsd9778628.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0915_zps203e6df6.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1054_zpsa8f02e6c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-1034_zps188df77b.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0987_zps27ff82f7.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0813_zps953b3e2c.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0884_zpsf278ee87.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0955_zpsae6d2beb.jpg  photo spring-evangeline-renee-0883_zpse6bcacaa.jpg


  1. okay can you guys get any more adorable?!!

  2. Absolutely LOVE of these pictures!!! You're little boys are just too cute!! and where did Scott get his blue eyes and blonde hair?!?!?!

  3. LOVE these pictures! And Evin's suspenders. ;)

  4. The boys expressions are priceless!

  5. Ok, I *love* the one where the boys are both sitting down, Evin is seriously gazing up at the camera and Scotty is just like on auto-pilot eating his leaf. ;) *sigh* Miss you all! <3