Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'm really outnumbered now.
For as long as I can remember dreaming about my future family, I've thought I would have a daughter first. She would be the oldest and help me out with all the little ones to follow. Well shocker of all shockers, my first born daughter turned out to be a son. A wonderful, energetic, smart, often helpful, sponge of a mind, son. And of course I wouldn't trade him for ten mature, extremely diligent, and helpful girls. We'll see how he does with the whole helping with the little ones thing though. He is pretty observant and knows when something isn't clean or in it's place. And he's always grabbing daddy's tools to 'fick-ijch' (fix it). So we'll see.
So Evin wasn't a girl, that means for sure, for sure the second one would be a girl. It was set in stone in my mind. Every ounce of my maternal instinct told me it was a girl. The heartbeat was faster, I was carrying lower, I didn't have the same morning sickness, (I had it, just not the same) I gained more weight, I wanted sweet things to eat, and the list goes on. Well, waddaya know, birth day came and baby was a boy! I now know I can never trust my maternal-gender-guessing-instinct, heartbeats or my sweet-tooth ever again. Of course I love, love, having my two sons, and come to think of it I secretly always wanted two older brothers. If I remember right their names were Ben and Daniel.
Yep, having two boys first is cool.
My life will most likely not be as clean and organized as I thought it would be. But I'm thinking it's going to be pretty stinkin' fun. Love my boys!

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  1. This is so cute, Evy! You all look so joyously full of life! :)