Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Weeks

30 weeks is one of my milestones when I'm pregnant. 18 weeks, second trimester, half way, third trimester, 30 weeks, 36 weeks, and 40 weeks are kinda my personal 'big deal' weeks. I'm feeling good, staying busy, not too much to complain about. Trying to get more calcium because my legs are prone to cramping, and baby is starting to feel "pokey", but other than that I'm feeling good. I feel a lot larger than last time though. Last time everyone told me I wasn't gaining enough, now people are surprised I'm not due tomorrow. (Sigh) Nope, still a ways to go. I'm not heavier than last time, but I am larger and 'rounder' it would seem. It's keeping me motivated to get my walk in though, so that's good. Baby feels larger than Evin, and I have a hard time not thinking it will be a 15lb. baby by the end. I know, I know, it won't be, but still. If you see me, tell me I look so small, and August isn't that far away ;) These pictures were taken Memorial Day.

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-2761_zpsf9c6222a.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2783_zpsee7c11dd.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2795_zps61afc27d.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2804_zps391762a7.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2759_zps16166943.jpg


  1. I really, really miss you guys!!!

    - Heidi

  2. I love the one where Evin is upside down!! Too cute! :)
    Is he getting excited for a little brother/sister??

  3. *gah* I can't even ever get over my nephew...and his mommy...and her husband...and their baby!!! +D Love you all <3

  4. You are so beautiful, Evy, and I am so glad you are doing well. Excited to see pictures of your newest intern. :) Blessings!!