Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Little Man

For most of my life I've envisioned myself having a girl first. My first gut feeling when we found out Evin was coming was that he was a boy. But after a few months of people convincing me it was a girl I changed my mind that they were right. I was so shocked when he was born. My first thoughts went something like this, wow I'm going to die, I want to sleep for ten years, I'm pretty sure this is what it feels like to get hit by a train, aw, she's so cute, wait, um, Tim it's a boy! Really?! You're sure? Um, yep! Ah, wait, I'm not prepared for a boy, what I'm I supposed to do with him? I haven't babysat a boy in a long time, really seriously, what am I supposed to do with him?!? Okk, this is fine, this is great, ok, we're going to have fun, I love little boy clothes, yep, we're good. Ok. Thank you God for my little son. My firstborn son. Since then I have had nothing but gratefulness for my little man. I can't imagine life without him.

Every month gets funner and funner. I'm not a baby/infant person, it was wonderful and challenging, and I'm sure it will be similar with this next baby, but man, I am having SO. MUCH. fun with toddler Evin! He's showing more and more personality and I just love it! He's my friend, we have adventures, we camp in our backyard, we eat lots of food, we play in mud puddles, we get keys and try to unlock every little thing in the house that looks like it could be unlocked with a key. We get in daddy's Jeep and pretend to drive to the beach. We turn on our record player and run around the living room, we get out our exercise mat and do our stretches. I say 1, he says 2, I say 3, he says GO! We go to the park and play on the big kid slide because apparently we're older than we actually are. We listen for big noises and try to decide if it's a plane, train or the garbage truck. We get all the cars out and make ramps for them to roll down, we go outside and smell flowers, but that's not our favorite, we'd rather catch a worm or watch some slugs.
And when daddy comes home we run to the bed and hide under the covers until he comes to tickle us.
Yep, we're buds.

 photo the-little-intern-indiana-photo_zpse71b1008.jpg 
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  1. yay for muddy little boys! my guy is going to be encouraged to play in the mud as much as possible ;)

  2. Awe, the wee muddy mite! I'm so glad we shan't be separated for much longer. <3

  3. Yay for a mud lovin' little man! Some of my favorite childhood memories involved playing in the mud! Its good to see kids are still into that! He is such a cutie mud pie! And worms! You have got a good kid on your hands, Evy and Tim. :)
    Love seeing the pictures!

  4. ....LOVE what you had to say in the post as well! That is so precious and is awesome!!

  5. Evy, he is absolutely PRECIOUS !!Enjoy EVERY minute, second, hour because before you know it , THEY are GROWN!!!! You are an AMAZING MOM! Just like your Mother!! (((HUGS)))) to all of you!