Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Like Daddy

Evin loves his daddy, in fact, I would say he's kinda been a daddy's boy from the start. Which is healthy, I think. He waits patiently, or not so patiently some times, for daddy to come home from work. He listens for the sound of daddy's jeep pull in... "daad, daad, daad, daad, ehhh? uh, uh, uh, daaddaad!!! And waits for him to open the door. He runs into his arms, or runs to hide, depending on if it's a hide and seek day or a snuggling day. He follows Tim all around the house and wants to do whatever he's doing.

It melts my heart. 


  1. Oh my word, that picture of him in the coat is beyond adorable. :D

  2. That is sooooo sweet x) I was watching home videos with my family the other day and these pictures remind me of my little brother when he was that age :) Absolutely adorable!


  3. I think my heart just melted. :)

  4. Awwww..... so super cute!

    Okay, this is a really random question and I would love to have your advice. I am currently looking into buying a laptop, specifically for photo editing. Anyways, I wondered what kind you use and if you like it.

    Thanks soo much:)

    1. Hey Emily, So sorry for the late reply :P
      I'm not really a computer expert, I just get as fast as I can afford at the moment. I have a PC and a Mac. But I'm really not the right one to ask. Sorry!

  5. *sigh* That little Smookum-Jim...<3