Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

There's just something about celebrating Thanksgiving in a cabin in the woods. Makes me feel all warm fuzzy and pilgrim-y.
We ate food, went on a walk, took pictures, rode the atv's, ate more food, Evin got his cousin fix, and we shared in all around thankfulness. Evin wanted to sport a mohawk, in honor of the Native Americans. He thought he was just all that.

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  1. Evy, these images are so precious ... and so beautiful!! I love this dear family and you are one blessed lady to be part of it! We've spent Thanksgiving with them before, but this particular one looked very special! Everyone is growing up so fast, and it saddens my heart that we don't get together as often as we used to ... we need to change that!! Thank you for sharing these ... definitely made my day when I came over here to see them! And by the way, congratulations again!! :) I'm very very happy for you and Timmy!!

    Hugs - Debi Smith