Monday, February 6, 2012

Party Prep

My sister-in-law and I just held a surprise birthday party for another one of our sisters.
I have too many pictures I want to show you so I need to split it up into two posts.
The party as you will see was themed around purple and hearts.
I was in charge of the decorations and I had so much fun making things and setting up.

We had to store the decor at my house so she wouldn't find it. This is my kitchen table.
Needless to say we ate a couple dinners on the couch.

Evin was helping with set up.

 My last post explained how to make some of these DIY decorations.
 Next up, the party.


  1. Wow the garland is stunning strung up with lights!

  2. The decorations are superb! However, I'm afraid I have eyes only for The Munchkie, and I shall be stalking the blog (lol what's new! ;) until you put up more pictures of him. =} So let it be written, so let it be done!